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(Pocket-lint) - More than two years ago we relaunched Pocket-lint with an all-new design and a few tweaks in editorial stance. It represented how the internet at large was at the time, also coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Pocket-lint. But times change and so we are very proud to give you an all-new Pocket-lint to take us into the next few years and beyond.

Pocket-lint itself has grown dramatically in the last few years. We now serve gadget and technology news, features and reviews to millions of readers around the globe - most notably in the UK and US - who use a multitude of devices to access the site for their daily hit.

Tablets, smartphones, desktop and laptop computers are used regularly to access Pocket-lint, and while the site was already able to morph itself to suit whichever device you chose to use, it now does so in an even more visual form. It gives you the optimum experience no matter which platform you choose to view our content through.

We truly believe this is the latest and greatest iteration of our site.

"As the way we use the internet changes so must we make sure that we keep up with the Zeitgeist," said Pocket-lint's owner Stuart Miles.

"Today, Pocket-lint has done that by redesigning the site to not only enhance the reading experience, but to reflect many of the areas where we are strongest.

"Our beautiful photography is now more prominently showcased with full page galleries, while the article pages have been decluttered. The new homepage allows us to better highlight the most important stories as well.

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There's also been lots of under the hood work too, all with the aim of making reading Pocket-lint as enjoyable as possible."

We hope you like the new design and enjoy exploring new features as you browse the site.

Welcome to an all-new Pocket-lint, one we've created just for you.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 July 2015.