Tell kids today that we used to buy our music in the form of large circular black plastic discs that got sticky in the sun and they won't believe you. Even CDs have seemingly had their day, shunted aside for the convenience of digital downloads and streaming.

And sadly, that has also brought about the end of a British tradition. For as long as we all remember, the chart countdown aired on Radio One every Sunday, with many of us over the age of 30 having eagerly listened to it each week, even taped it onto things we used to call cassettes (another history lesson for the kids).

But it is now being switched to Friday afternoons to coincide with the release date of most digital tracks, thereby putting the last nail in the coffin of the analogue age. At least in popular terms

A part of the music business that digital downloads have not cast aside, however, is the humble cover art. It might not adorn the front of a battered single or LP anymore, but we still love having the cover art show up while our tracks are playing through whatever media device or service we happen to be using. And that means there is still the possibility of an album art shocker.

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Throughout time there have been some quite simply, mind-bogglingly bad covers of albums, some new, most not, and we've decided to round up the funniest, weirdest or those are just downright wrong in a gallery above for you to flick through. These are the images that you will most definitely not want gracing your iPhone or Android device when travelling on the tube.

We also warn you, some aren't quite suitable for work. All, though, are suitable for mirth.