In the UK all forecasts are pointing at a blisteringly hot week ahead, and for the first time, in a long time, we will experience a mini heatwave that will last a few days at least.

Temperature rises are expected along with plenty of humidity, and possibly thunderstorms too, but just how hot will it be.

While your default weather app on your smartphone or tablet will get you so far, there are now dozens of dedicated weather apps that offer all the stats you could possibly want and more. Here are some of the best ones around.


A weather app only available on Android, 1Weather features an elegant user interface, underpinned with reliable data. 1Weather supports Android Wear, so if you have a connected smartwatch, you can check the weather from your wrist too without having to look at your watch. Google Play

BBC Weather

Designed for reliable, detailed information the BBC’s Weather app is straightforward and dependable. Borrowing the look and fill of the BBC’s television forecast, BBC Weather displays everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner. There's also localised, severe weather warnings, BBC Weather has all the features you’ll need to stay on top of the British climate. iTunes and Google Play

Dark Sky

One of the most detailed weather apps you can get, Dark Sky displays a wealth of useful information in a sleek, pristine interface and can track and predict the weather’s movements in vivid detail, telling you exactly when and where that thunderstorm is going to hit. There's Apple Watch support too. iTunes

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is amongst the most reliable, detailed weather apps you can get informing you about everything from the sunset time to heat and wind. Stunning photos of your location show you what the weather is really like. iTunes and Google Play

Carrot Weather

Twisted weather reports is the format here as the app tries to make fun of our fascination with the weather. Powered by Dark Sky, it's a whimsical but exacting approach to weather reporting. There's and also evil penguins. Yeah, go figure? iTunes


Taking a revolutionary approach to Weather Apps, Haze sets itself apart with a gorgeous user interface, and intuitive control system. Stats such as cloud coverage and atmospheric pressure are only a flick away. In particular it also details sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, sunrise and sunset times. iTunes


Rather than clogging your screen with statistics, Solar provides a striking, minimalist, interface that lets you see an hour by hour 24 hour forecast, or a three day one. There are no vector polygons, no dew point calibration and it won't remind you to wear a jacket with the app merely promising to give you "Just radiant, colorscapes to accurately help you size up your day." iTunes


Swackett calculates how the weather will affect you personally - and tells you what to wear. You’ll be told whether to wear sunglasses or a short sleeve shirt. Expect this week to suggest wearing flip flops. iTunes and Google Play

Weather bug

The newly redesigned WeatherBug app now offers real-time, neighbourhood-level weather forecasts. Plus it also gives you Spark lightning proximity alerts that tell you exactly how far away lightning is to you when the storm comes your way. New in the latest update is a pollen widget for Now screen, and Apple Watch support. iTunes and Google Play and Windows Phone

Weather Nerd

It's called Weather Nerd for a reason. The app gives you minute-to-minute precipitation, access to radar and satellite imagery and detailed daily reports up to a year out allowing you to plan for the next heatwave. iTunes

Met Office Weather

The official app of the Met Office, it details a comprehensive forecast of the weather in the UK. Detailed forecasts for over 13,000 UK and international sites mean the app can predict the weather hour by hour. iTunes and Google Play and Windows Phone

AccuWeather Platinum

Capable of intricate detail with pinpoint accuracy, AccuWeather Platinum offers an unparalleled level of weather detail. Customisable almost to the nth degree, it’s possible to set the app up just how you like it. iTunes and Google Play