(Pocket-lint) - You started your company because you had a cracking idea, not because you wanted to do paperwork day in day out, but success comes with homework. 

Not any more, QuickBooks Online, is a simple way to track sales and expenses, get paid faster, and even run payroll all without the effort of having to master spreadsheet macros. 

Super-fast setup

It takes only minutes to get started and everything is automatically customised for your specific type of business, whether that's a coffee shop or running a training gym.  

See what’s important right away

Elegantly designed dashboards and feeds instantly show you the health of your business and your next action steps. That’s the beauty of the QuickBooks Online homepage.

Tax time reports are a click away

QuickBooks Online offers stacks of reports at your fingertips and the company's 1-click reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet show you where the business stands. You can easily share them with your accountant at tax time, or with business partners anytime so they are kept in the loop at all times. 

Invoices that make a great statement

There's nothing worse that creating your own invoices from scratch, and QuickBooks Online saves you the hassle. Now you can create custom invoices in minutes. Add your company logo, choose your own font, and add a background image and custom fields. 

Online Access anytime, anywhere

QuickBooks Online is synced to your phone, tablet, and computer all the time so you can access your accounts wherever you are. Whether that's on the train, in the office, or even in the bath. 

Automatic backup of my data

With automatic data backup there's no worry of you losing your accounts if something goes wrong with your computer or it's stolen. With QuickBooks Online all you have to worry about is making sure you've got a device that connects to the internet. 

Activity feeds 

With loads of reports all available at the touch of a button, you can see what's happening now and what's happening next so you don't have to worry about the paperwork, but really just on the outcome. 

Start with a free trial

Still not sure? Intuit offers a 30-day free trial so you can see how easy QuickBooks Online really is to use.