(Pocket-lint) - Broadband is fast becoming the most important connection in our homes. From streaming shows and movies to browsing our social feeds and, of course, streaming music. That connection is under more and more strain.

So, upgrading to offer enough speed should be easy, but until now it hasn't been.

A recent new announcement by Ofcom should change all that.

The regulator has announced that it will be putting the workload on the broadband providers so anyone wishing to swap should be able to do so easily.

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What's been the situation until now?

Up until Ofcom got involved if you wanted to change broadband provider you'd likely have to go through a bit of a process.

Frist you'd need to contact your provider to tell them you're leaving. Then you'd need to get a code to give to your new provider. And that's before even signing up for the new contract.

Since this discouraged people from moving around and getting the best deal, Ofcom stepped in.

How to change broadband provider now

Now the onus to sort the broadband transfers is placed on the providers.

So if you see a better deal elsewhere, or perhaps want a faster connection provided by someone else, all you need to do is sign-up.

Once signed up to the new deal your change-over will all be handled by the old and new providers, without you having to deal with anything. The way it should be.

Once the process of change is underway the customer will receive written confirmation from both the old and new broadband providers. If the consumer should have a change of mind they can simply switch.

So all that's left to do is shop around for the deal that best suits you. Happy browsing.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.