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(Pocket-lint) - Popcorn Time, the desktop software that allows you to stream movie torrents to your PC or Mac without needing to download them first, is having its issues of late, but the concept is still very popular.

Its original developers have washed their hands of the project after numerous threats by the MPAA, but others have continued to maintain the service and software, albeit in an often interrupted fashion.

Now though there's an even easier way to watch the latest movie torrents streamed over the internet. Popcorn In Your Browser dispenses with the desktop client entirely and provides illegally ripped movies to watch in a general browser instead.

It is presented simply, with a search engine that will find the film you want to watch on request and, once the cover art is clicked, an in-browser video player that can also be set into full screen mode.

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One issue with it is that only older or less popular movies seem to work - some just fail to load regardless of how long you wait for the progress bar to complete. Another is that it is likely to be taken down or blocked by your ISP as quickly as you can say "lost revenue".

Regardless, it will have its time in the sun and be championed by those who believe that copyright infringement is a necessary evil to get a chance to gander at something for free.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 20 May 2015.