Although Android has moved on from its KitKat tie-in days, being currently on its Lollipop generation, Nestlé has again turned to the tech world and Google as part of a rebranding promotion for its chocolate bars. It has replaced the KitKat logo on more than 600,000 limited edition packs in the UK with the new name YouTube Break.

There will be other "breaks" across the special edition KitKats - 72 different designs in total will be utilised - but the YouTube rebranding represents a return to a partnership with the US tech giant.

"At Nestlé we’re delighted to be working with Google again," said Fiona Kendrick, chief executive of Nestlé UK.

“As KitKat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns ten this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase with our most iconic brand and slogan."

As well as the YouTube motif on the front, the KitKat bars will have the hashtag #mybreak moulded into the chocolate - illustrating the chocolate maker's open minded approach to social networking.

The promotion will be across two and four finger KitKats and KitKat Chunky bars.

Other breaks to feature on limited edition bars will include "me time break" and "sporty break".