(Pocket-lint) - Today is the day that 'Shazam' became a verb in the eyes of Google. Now you can simply ask your smart device what song is playing and it will tell you.

Google has announced that its voice controlled service will respond to the term 'Shazam'. So if you have an Android smartphone with a Google search bar widget you can simply say "Ok Google, Shazam" and it will automatically open the Shazam app and start listening to the music around you.

Other more specific commands have also been added by Google including "recognise", or "name" the "song", "track", or "tune" being played. This song can then be saved to a playlist for listening to later.

Shazam plays nice with Spotify so once it's recognised a song you can simply tap the Spotify button to open it in your app. Then it can be saved or added to a playlist for listening to when you get the chance.

Google and Shazam teaming up in this way means recognising tracks is now hands-free. This is ideal for when driving, allowing you to find out what's playing on the radio to save for later without having to touch a button or even look at the device.

The update is announced today but isn't yet working on our handset. Expect an update soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.