Plex Music just got, like, majorly better.

It has just received an update that brings both enhanced and new features. It can now scan all your music and download posters and information, and if something didn't work out, Plex Music has added "rich multi-select, full access" editing for things like disc and track numbers, and the ability to quickly delete albums, etc.

Plex Music has also added multi-disc support and music videos. And if you subscribe and get a Plex Pass, Plex Music will match your tunes to Vevo videos. Other features include discovery tools, and for Plex Pass holders, something called sonic fingerprinting. It smartly recognises music and accurately organises them with tags.

Plex Pass holders can also get access to rich metadata like artist bios and album reviews, and they can associate moods with tracks in order to create shuffling playlists for how they're feeling at any given time.

Check out the video below see how else Plex Music has improved. If you want to try the new experience, you can find out out more about how to get started here.