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(Pocket-lint) - Game of Thrones in its HBO TV form is undeniable genius, but it all comes from books that are hailed as brilliant. Yet reading them all might seem like a lot of time and effort when you could just watch the show. Scribd will read them for you.

Scribd is often described as the Netflix of books. It's a book subscription service that offers you unlimited reading of its titles for a fixed monthly fee. Scribd has just signed Penguin Random House which, you guessed it, publishes the Game of Thrones books.

Scribd not only offers millions of books as well as over 10,000 comics but it also has audiobooks. That means if you don't have time to sit down and read Game of Thrones perhaps you can spare a few minutes to listen to it read out, while commuting for example.

Scribd is $9 per month which is about £6, with the first month as a trial for free. All content can be read through a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac screen or via the dedicated iOS and Android apps. All the books can be downloaded for offline reading, much like Spotify offers for music.

So if you fancy getting through the Game of Thrones audiobooks, to get ahead of the TV show and spoil it for all your mates by tweeting what's next, Scribd is here to help - you horrible person you.

The Game of Thrones audiobooks haven't appeared just yet on Scribd but expect them soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.