After years of being asked the same question about the handheld version of Football Manager, mainly by us, Sports Interactive is finally ready to add the 3D match engine to the management game for tablets.

Football Manager Classic 2015 for high-end iPads and Android tablets is a fully operational version of the game that comes bundled with FM 15 for PC and Mac. The Classic version is a quicker, slightly stripped down variant of the "full fat" game which has simpler controls and fewer deep-dive options, yet still offers an in-depth footy coaching simulation.

It also, of course, has the 3D match engine, so you can watch highlights or the full game played out in front of you.

The new game is now available on respective app stores for £14.99 but you will need to have a better specified tablet to run it on. For iPad owners, you need to have an iPad Air 1 or 2, or an iPad mini 2 or 3. There is also a list of compatible Android tablets, including those from Samsung, Asus and Sony, on the dedicated Football Manager homepage.

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Football Manager Classic 2015 is touchscreen optimised and can still be played in a similar way to Handheld with an accelerated gameplay option that will give you instant results. That way you can still whizz through a season while on the Tube.