UKPaintball has provided the ideal antidote to the incessant whitterings of each of the Prime Ministerial candidates in the build up to the UK general election this May. Its website is hosting an online game where you can battle each of them using paint-based weaponry.

Prime Minister Paintball features avatars of each of Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farrage and as well as offering an opportunity to shower them in paint, provides a sort-of online popularity poll, as each time you choose one to play as their vote count ticks up. If only that was the way to decide the actual election.

Currently, Cameron is in the lead with 37 per cent, Miliband has 31 per cent, Farrage is on 20 per cent and, like in the real polls, Clegg is straggling behind with 11 per cent.

Of course, as the game has been developed by paintballing event company UKPaintball, this gives us more an indication on which way the vote is likely to go with paintballers, but it could be argued that maybe Labour needs to address more paintballing issues in its manifesto. Arm NHS nurses with paintball guns. Or something.

UKPaintballwhy vote for the next prime minister when you can shoot them in the face with paint instead  image 2

You can try out Prime Minister Paintball for yourself on UKPaintball's website at You can even book a real paintballing session while you're there.