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(Pocket-lint) - The official app for TV show Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off, is now available to download for free. We've installed it to see if the app can hope to compare to the genius of the show.

The Better Call Saul app is free on the Amazon Appstore. If you're on Android this can be installed easily enough via the Amazon Store without paying anything. It's exclusive until 2 April when it'll move to more platforms.

Superb soundbites

The big appeal of the Better Call Saul app is it's essentially a collection of lines from Saul. This means you can select a few you want to play, start a call with Saul, then tap each one to play them before hanging up. The entire collection is recorded and gets packaged up as an MP4 that you can tweet or email.

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The aim of the app, according to its guide, is to let you make funny phone conversations, on your own, with Saul. We didn't do this once, instead calling mates and playing Saul down the phone to hear their reactions. Needless to say it was funny. If you've got a second phone, set on speaker, and hold the app close it'll even record your pranking efforts.

Check out our efforts here:

Is it really free?

While the app is totally free you will get occasional pop-up ads that need to be closed. You'll also be limited to only two calls to Saul a day, meaning it's useless for 24-hours after use.

This is where the not-so-free part comes in. For 99p you can turn off ads, for another 99p you can unlock unlimited use of the soundbites. There are also two more packs of soundbites available each at 99p. Alternatively you can pay £1.99 and unlock everything.

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We tried the app in free mode only. It's a lot of fun and waiting for 24-hours before you get to do it again isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just makes you want it more. Plus your mates will probably appreciate the break from being pestered.

In free mode there are eight "Intro" soundbites, eight "Filler" and eight "Outro".  A total of eight can be used per call after selecting the ones you want before hitting call.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.