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(Pocket-lint) - If you never thought you'd get to go Back to the Future again, you certainly can't see through time as one last hoorah has arrived in Back in Time. The crowd-funded documentary is due for release in October and has a trailer out now.

The Back in Time documentary was crowd-funded via Kickstarter but is now going for a second round of funding to help pay for the, now high quality, documentary. Its makers say more money is needed after its popularity meant the scale grew – ultimately resulting in a better film.

The Back to the Future documentary will feature interviews with the likes of director Robert Zemeckis, lead actor Michael J. Fox, the doc himself Christopher Lloyd, and more. The film even touches on real world tech like the Hendo hoverboard.

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The second round of funding on Kickstarter has some added bonuses that weren't available in the first. Now backers are able to get their hands on autographed photos, Lego sets, sheet music and t-shirts as well as an exclusive screening. Backing prizes range from $12 for an HD download of the movie right up to $5,000 for a co-producer credit.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 10 March 2015.