Popular - and very minimal - text-editing app iA Writer is now available for Android devices.

iA Writer has been available to iOS and OS X users since 2010 and hasn't come to any other platform until now. The Android version, which is optimised for both phones and tables, costs $4.99 and appears much like the original, offering up just one font choice, hardly any formatting options and menus, and a lot of blank space in terms of design.

In a blog post, which can only be described as passive-aggressive at best, developer Information Architects detailed its journey from first thinking about to ultimately developing iA Writer for Android. It described dabbling with the Android SDK, then discovering a dev-friendly world, and said that process was unlike the "Android horror stories" it imagined.

"The iOS people never stopped laughing at the growing stack of test devices in all colors and shapes hogging our developer’s desk," wrote Information Architects. "We did hit a few bumps further down the road. Still, Android has come a long way from the unsightly UX and low quality device mess it was just three years ago."

And finally, Information Architects described how it received a "cheerful thankfulness" toward developers during its Android experience, which is something that is supposedly "long gone" in the Apple ecosystem.

iA Writer

Download iA Writer for Android to see for yourself if the new app lives up to the originals.