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(Pocket-lint) - Holiday banking fees are to become a thing of the past with a new debit card that is linked to an app from currency exchange service Travelex.

The new "Supercard" looks and works like any normal debit card you've already got in your wallet, however where it differs from your average Visa or MasterCard is that it is connected to an app that allows you to fill it with details of your own standard debit cards.

"Users just download the app, store their regular credit or debit cards’ details within it and link it to their new Supercard," explains a spokeswomen for the company to Pocket-lint.
The company says there are no charges for the customers for the service, and says that the move will allow users to avoid bank roaming fees.

Currently banks like Natwest charge a small percentage handling fee every time you spend money abroad. Travelex is removing those fees, taking on the cost themselves, but still letting you debit a chosen account, rather than having to worry about topping up a specific card.

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Travelex says beyond allowing you to pay via any retail terminal in the world (it's basically just a standard card linked to an app), the app also details just how much will be debited from their UK account and how much they’ve saved, in real time.
The card is chip and pin protected and if your card is lost or stolen, Travelex says you can use the app to block it there and then.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 18 February 2015.