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(Pocket-lint) - Pancake Day has finally arrived, which means you have the perfect excuse to flip and fry as much batter as you want without feeling guilty. It also means that when you wake up tomorrow, Lent begins, which gives you another opportunity to start a failed New Year's resolution again. 

Whether you need an app to create the perfect pancake, or you need help to keep you from eating chocolate or smoking for 40 days, then you've come to the right place. Here are five great apps to help kick off Lent in the best way possible: with eggs, flour, sugar and whatever topping you fancy, before giving it all up!

Pancake Recipes

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Most of us know the basic ingredients to make an average pancake, but who wants just average? The Pancake Recipes app has over 230 recipes along with detailed steps to help you make this Pancake Day 2015 not just great, but awesome.

From cheese and chocolate to family-friendly and dessert pancakes, you are bound to find at least one recipe that beats the usual lemon and sugar combo. Searching is easy and you can add your favourites to a special section so next year, or any other day of the year, you can find the pancakes you love the most quickly.

Download Pancake Recipes for free from iTunes.


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Coach.me is a great app for those that are looking to achieve a goal during Lent, rather than give something up. The app will coach you in more than 200,000 goals from drinking more water and going to bed by midnight, to going to the gym and saving money.

It has three types of coaching including advice, motivation and prompting so you can decide how much or how little shouting at you need to achieve your goals. The app allows you to set weekly targets, track your progress, join challenges, learn a skill or speak to the Coach.me community for extra support.

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Download Coach.me for free from iTunes and Google Play

Countdown Days Since, Days Until

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The Countdown Days Since, Days Until app is a very simple one that does exactly what it says on the tin - monitors the days since you have done something and the days until something is happening.

In terms of Lent, you can use it to monitor how long you have gone without chocolate or a cigarette for example. It will give you a breakdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds to keep you motivated, or you can put in when Lent is over so you know how long you have left to crave for something. This app can also be used for day-to-day life too though, such as when your next holiday is coming or when your MOT is due and you can add as many events as you like.

Download Countdown Days Since, Days Until for free from iTunes.

My Day

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My Day is a countdown timer app that will show you how many days you have left until an event, such as Easter and therefore the end of Lent, or a birthday, wedding, Christmas or baby for example.

Like the Countdown Days Since, Days Until app, My Day allows you to input important events and you'll get a break down of the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds you have left until you get to them. It doesn't show you how many days you've accomplished, but you can decorate your events with wallpaper so if you're giving up coffee for Lent, you could take a picture of a lovely, creamy Latte and have it there to remind you how good it looks.

Download My Day for free from Google Play.

Days Without

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Days Without is another app that allows you to keep track of simple goals, whether you are trying to quit a bad habit, give something up or keep focused on achieving something.

This app allows you to add multiple goals, set a start date and choose from manual or automatic mode, depending on your preference. You can reset the counter in each goal if you fail and all your goals will appear on the main goal page with the number of days you've achieved and the goal you are trying to accomplish underneath. Simple but effective.

Download Days Without for £1.49 from iTunes.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 16 February 2015.