(Pocket-lint) - In a move we didn't see coming Addison Lee, the cab company, is offering a Valentine's Day service you can win to take the hassle out of romance. And it's all done via Twitter.

If even thinking about finding flowers, chocolates and Champagne is making you feel queasy there is an alternative that means you don't need to leave the house. And who said romance was dead?

In fact romance is your currency. If you want to have Addison Lee hand deliver Wild Rensata Flowers, a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne and a box of Prestat chocolates complete with a handwritten love note, you'll need to get thinking romantic thoughts.

Rack your brains for the most romantic reason that your recipient deserves the gift and tweet that to @AddisonLeeCabs with the hashtag for the event #LoveLee.

So while this is more of a competition than a regular offering from Addison Lee we imagine there's nothing stopping you entering more than once. Presuming you have more than one love interest of course.

If you enter and get chosen, the object of your affections will receive the surprise visit on Saturday at your chosen address. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy the praise for a job well done.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.