We're not sure if this new photo-sharing app is a good idea, but it's certainly unique.

There's a new Android app available from the team behind Locket. It's called Screenpop, and like Locket, it's all about your lock screen. The idea is that your friends can use Locket to send you photo messages, much like Snapchat, but you don't have to open Locket to view all of your unread messages in an inbox. Locket sends them to your lock screen.

Locket also lets you view photo messages without ever having to unlock your phone. It works like this: in order to take a picture, just swipe left on your lock screen to get to the camera button. Snap a picture using the camera button, and then edit the image by adding text or doodles. When finished, send it to anyone in your friends list.

Whoever receives your photo message will see it the very next time they wake their phone. Your friend will be able to swipe left on the lock screen to send a reply photo message, or your friend can swipe right to unlock their phone and make the message disappear. If there are multiple photos, your friend can scroll through them before unlocking.

If your friend doesn't have the time to view a tonne of photo messages, Screenpop allows users to just unlock their screen. It'll then resurface all unread photo messages the next time the screen is locked. Keep in mind that Screenpop does not censor messages, so your lock screen will display any NSFW images you may get from friends.

Yunha Kim, CEO of ScreenPop, told TechCrunch that she thought of Screenpop after noticing a teenager was receiving too many messages from several apps at once and most of those messages weren't read because of the hassle involved with opening each individual app.

ScreenPop is a free app now available from the Google Play Store. Although images take up most of your lock screen with Screenpop, you'll still see push notification icons, battery status, and network status at the top of your screen.