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(Pocket-lint) - PayPal and Shell have joined forces in order to let you pay for your petrol at its garages across the UK while you are sat in your vehicle.

Shell will be the first fuel station to offer a mobile payment option at its pumps and the service will launch in April, initially to Shell Drivers' Club customers, and then to everybody else later in the year.

It will work through either the Shell Motorist app or the PayPal app itself. When drivers pull up to the pump, they will be able to select the corresponding pump on either app - which are available for Android and iOS. They can then just fill up their vehicle safe in the knowledge that they will be automatically charged through PayPal.

A receipt is sent through to the phone and the driver can drive away without having to visit the garage shop or get out a credit or debit card.

The service was trialled by both companies successfully in 2013, but has now matured enough for national roll out.

Mobile payments through PayPal are also accepted at a large number of restaurants and retailers around the UK, with different payment systems available depending on the location. With some, such as Wagamama, you can order your food ahead of arriving at the venue and have it waiting for you and paid for automatically.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.