(Pocket-lint) - Exploding Kittens sounds excellent. Anything with kittens and explosions was going to do well on the interwebs, but this Kickstarter project is ridiculous as the most popular of all time in just a few days.

Within 20 minutes of appearing Exploding Kittens had reached its goal of $10,000, and within an hour it had hit 1000 per cent of that. At the time of publishing it sits at over $4.5 million funding which is amazing considering it's only $20 per game. That makes it the most backed campaign ever in terms of individuals, of which there are over 116,000 who have paid up already – with 21 days still to go.

It's still a way off Kickstarter's most popular Coolest Cooler in terms of money though as that broke records with over $13m of funding.

Exploding Kittens is a card game. It was created by Matthew Inman who makes The Oatmeal cartoon, Elan Lee and Shane Small who make games. The real world card game is a bit like Russian roulette where gamers lift a card off the deck and the one who gets an exploding kitten is out. Other cards allow that person to survive, these include diffuse cards like the diffuse laser and action cards like the Cheetah Butt to escape quickly.

Now that the stretch goal has been reached there will be another deck of cards for a NSFW version, which includes boob dragons.

You can join the masses to buy a deck now for $20 which is about £13, or pay $35 which is about £23 for the NSFW version. Expect them to ship by July 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.