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(Pocket-lint) - You're probably decked out in NFL memorabilia and getting pumped for next Sunday, when Super Bowl 2015 is scheduled to kick off at the University of Phoenix Stadium. But we bet you don't have any Star Wars-themed stuff in honour of your favourite team.

Next weekend's big game will see the New England Patriots (the American Football Conference champion) go head-to-head with the Seattle Seahawks (the National Football Conference champion). It will be the 49th edition of the Super Bowl and officially titled Super Bowl XLIX.

While all that's both exciting and interesting, we're about to blow your nerdy minds: John Raya, a graphic designer, has taken the time to reimagine every NFL team's logo and helmet. He's even set them all in the Star Wars universe, creating a Star Wars-NFL mashup of sorts.

His designs feature each team's color scheme and general logo concept, but they're morphed to fit famous characters from the Star Wars space opera. The Denver Broncos, for instance, is now the Tauntaun Hoths, complete with the ice planet's beasts and their faces.

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Most of the helmet designs required small changes, while others are almost completely different. But they're still cool to browse through, especially for the geekiest of you who have a fanatic interest in both American professional football and Star Wars.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.