Super Bowl 2015 is here.

It is therefore time to scope out all the big-budget adverts that aired during the big game between American Football Conference champion New England Patriots and National Football Conference champion Seattle Seahawks.

Officially titled Super Bowl XLIX, the annual football game decided the National Football League champion for the 2014 season. It kicked off at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale on 1 February around 6:30pm EST.

It was the 49th edition of the Super Bowl and the 45th since the 1970 AFL and NFL merger. But that's not why you're here. You don't want to know about all the history and game-day facts. You want to see all those glorious adverts.

According to Ad Age, the television advert market is still soft and thus affecting the Super Bowl. NBC announced last autumn that ad sales were moving slightly, but there was around 15 new advertisers for the 2015 game.

Although some of the official commercials released ahead of the game, most were set to premiere Sunday. But many of them came with teaser trailers and online clips that debuted days and weeks before Super Bowl.

Here is a look at what's surfaced beforehand and on Super Bowl Sunday. Bookmark this page and check back often.

Victoria's Secret


Lexus NX


Weight Watchers


Loctite Glue

Dove Men+Care

Carnival Cruise

Victoria's Secret Angels


University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix (again)



BMW i3


Skittles (again) (again) (yet again)





Doritos (again)


Bud Light


Budweiser (again)

Bud Light (Pac-Man)


T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile USA (again)

Jurassic World

Furious 7

Terminator Genysis

50 Shades of Grey

Ted 2

Fiat 500x


Northrop Grumman

Kia Sorento


Procter & Gamble

Carl's Jr

Avocados from Mexico

YouTube sets up a channel called AdBlitz every year that's dedicated to posting all the advert commercials and teasers and online clips for the Super Bowl. Check it out to see all the latest.