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(Pocket-lint) - There are a million apps to choose from, but one of the newest ones available for iPhone stands out simply because it lets you be a good samaritan for a day or even just a moment.

The app, called Be My Eyes, is from Robocat, the same Danish developer team that designed Thermodo. Simply put: Be My Eyes connects blind people with you and other users (aka volunteers) from around the world using live-video chat. The idea is that you will download the app and use it to help blind people see.

So, when a blind person needs help crossing the street, for instance, they can grab their iPhone, then use VoiceOver to send a request through Be My Eyes, and you or another random user who happens to be available can accept. From there, you'll use the app's live-video chat feature to assist the blind person.

Robocat's founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, is visually impaired and came up with the idea a couple of years ago. The team just recently launched the app for iPhone, while an Android version is currently in the works. More than 13,000 people have signed up and participated in about 2,000 aid requests so far, according to the Be My Eyes site.

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If you're worried about mean-spirited volunteers leading the blind into traffic or misusing things, Robocat said there will be an opportunity to rate or report - both for the helper and the user - at the end of each session. Anyone who gets a bad rating will be removed from the network.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 16 January 2015.