(Pocket-lint) - There's been a lot of talk about "coding" recently, with its addition to the national curriculum for schools from September 2014. Barclays has launched a new Code Playground, giving both customers and non-customers the chance get to grips with coding. 

The sessions will be run in a number of Barclays branches, giving parents and children the chance to attend and show-off or learn new digital skills.

Although coding is part of the national curriculum - so children will be learning it in schools - parents won't have the same engagement. The Code Playground provides the opportunity for the whole family to get involved. Barclays Digital Eagles will be there to help teach and develop this new range of skills.


Additionally, Barclays have teamed up with City & Guilds to offer the Barclays Digital Driving License. If you feel that you can't keep up with the kids, or that your own digital skills and knowledge is limited, then the Digital Driving License could help. 

Arranged as a series of modules, you're tested before being offered articles and videos to help you learn about the digital world. You'll be able to download the app for your phone, with both Android or iPhone offers, use your browser on the website, or ask in a Barclays branch for more information.

The Barclays Digital Eagles started as a team of 18 in 2013, and now there are more that 10,000, looking help people engage with the digital world.

"The purpose of our Digital Eagles is simple - to work in local communities to give people the opportunity to learn and embrace digital skills, from sending an email, Skyping family or learning how to bank online," said Steven Roberts, strategic transformation director, Barclays. 

"We want to make sure we leave no one behind as we transform Barclays into a truly digital business." 

If you want to find out more, or book a session, explore the Barclays Code Playground on the link below.

Writing by Chris Hall.