(Pocket-lint) - Plex has been busy of late, having introduced apps for consoles, including PS4 and Xbox One, and now it is refreshing the way its server software presents music files to make that experience better.

Although the Plex service is already able to stream music files, a bundle of new features will be rolled out over the coming weeks which will bring the section in line with some of the advancements made to video.

For a start, Plex now uses Gracenote with its own audio fingerprinting technology, providing more accurate and in-depth metadata for more than 200 million tracks worldwide. Regardless of the original source, the digital fingerprinting will appropriately tag music tracks. Plus you'll be able to import playlists, ratings, etc, from iTunes through just one-click.

Plex Pass subscribers will also be able to watch HD videos of their matched tracks streamed from Vevo. These can be streamed to any connected device through the Plex apps.

In addition, personalised Plex Mix playlists will be able to be made using the click of a button, based on Gracenote information of a song, such as genre, mood and tempo. Recommendations will also be provided through Plex.

And with full support for all music files, including FLAC, Plex will stream tracks to any device in the best compatible format by transcoding on the fly. It will adjust format and quality based on bandwidth.

"Until now, music players like iTunes have been limited in their ability to consistently and easily organise, identify, and play all types of music files, anytime, anywhere, and on any device," said Scott Olechowski, chief product officer and Plex co-founder.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.