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(Pocket-lint) - SwiftKey has added a selection of Frozen themes to its store so you can bring some Disney magic to your Android keyboard.

Each of the themes cost £1.49, but that's a small price to pay to have Anna, Elsa, and the crew as your backdrop.

Swiping over the keys sees snow falling, as you trace out words across the face of doe-eyed Disney characters, so it's perfectly Christmassy too.

It doesn’t, however, rattle off the Frozen soundtrack as you swipe, which would have been amazing. We've just been humming it to ourselves, until we can find a choir of children to resume singing the lyrics.

Pocket-lintswiftkey s frozen theme adds disney magic to your keyboard doesn t predict song lyrics image 2

SwiftKey will predict the next word as you type, so you can speed up entry using its clever contextual suggestions and learning. It will roll out some of your regular expressions once you've used them a few times and it becomes personalised.

We wanted to see what suggestions SwiftKey would come up with when we typed out some of Frozen's hit song lyrics, and it came back with: "Do you want to build a website?" Not surprising.

If you've not heard real version in the last 20 minutes, we've included the video below for a quick singalong.

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The SwiftKey keyboards are available through the SwiftKey store. 

Writing by Chris Hall.