Christmas can be a stressful time of year as much as it can be a brilliant time. Preparing a roast for four people is hard enough but when you have a turkey that takes half a day to cook, barely fits in the oven and you have to handle all the trimmings too, you have a recipe for potential disaster.

From cooking, drinking and eating, to listening to music, playing games and tracking Santa, here are 11 apps that will help make Christmas as stress-free as possible.

KitchenPad Timer

If you have the lucky task of playing head chef this Christmas then KitchenPad Timer will be your sous chef. This app is a visual kitchen timer that can be used to manage multiple cook times for both your hob and your oven.

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You can set up to nine timers, comprising four ovens and five stove-tops, which will not only remind you what you are cooking on or in each, but how much time there is left and the temperature they are set at. There are also 15 alert options to choose from to remind you to take out the roasties and you'll get a push notification when a timer is complete.

Download for iOS and similar on Android.

Time to Roast

Another for the cook as it's difficult to have a stress-free Christmas if the turkey isn't going to plan. Time to Roast isn't just for Christmas as it will calculate roasting time and temperature for a range of meats including the usuals as well as duck and goose, but turkey is also on the list.

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After selecting the type of meat you are roasting, you enter its weight and your cooking preference, after which this app will give you detailed instructions on how to cook it, with a run down on preheating time, searing time, roasting time and resting time with alarms for when you need to do something. If it's 3pm and your turkey isn't in the oven however, Time to Roast can't help you.

Download for iOS or similar for Android.


BigOven is another app that is useful for Christmas, but it will probably come in handy the rest of the year too with its 350,000 recipes, menu planner and grocery list to help inspire you and get you organised in the kitchen.

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There are collections and menus curated by categories including season and holiday so you can head there for all your Christmas needs, but come January, BigOven can also be used to plan upcoming meals, make a shopping list and save your favourite recipes in one place. A feature to help you use left overs in your fridge is on board this app too so if you want something more adventurous than Turkey soup this year, this app could be your best bet.

Download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


For those that want to make their guests a more exciting drink than straight up brandy or port, the Mixologist app is there for you, offering almost 8000 drink recipes and over 1000 ingredients.

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A feature called Liquor Cabinet allows you to enter all the spirits and mixers you have in your house, after which it will then search the database to come up with a list of all the cocktails you can make with what you have. Mixologist also allows you to add custom drinks recipes to the library and learn bartending terminology and techniques.

Download for Android or iOS.

Pair It!

Pair It! is another app to help take care of the drinking part of Christmas but there is nothing to say it can't help you in the new year too. It has a wine library of over 180 varieties from around the world, along with a food library of over 1000 dishes and its aim is to offer wine pairing suggestions.

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Each wine has a brief description along with detailed pairing tips and the wine's unique flavour bridges, plus Pair It! also tell you how to pronounce the type of wine too just in case you always wondered how to ask for Cabernet Sauvignon. Pairings can be found by food, ingredient or wine and you can save your favourite pairings or swirl your phone to get a random pairing.

Download for iOS and Android.


Once you have the food and drink sorted, you'll need somewhere to eat it and for those that want to make their kitchen table look like a shop floor display from John Lewis, Pinterest is a great app for inspiration.

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Searching Christmas tables will bring up a whole host of ideas, which you can then pin on your own board so they are easily accessible for reference when you start decorating your own table, or so you have them saved for next year. It's a useful app for all kinds of ideas from presents to how to present food.

Download for iOS and Android.

Sing Along Christmas Carols

Christmas Day wouldn't be anywhere nearly as fun without The Pogues calling you a scumbag in the background and thankfully there is an app that means everyone in your house can join in, when Jingle Bells comes on at least.

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Sing Along Christmas Carols does exactly what its name suggests - gives you the words for Christmas Carols such as Deck the Halls and We Three Kings of Orient Are. You get a few free and then you'll have to pay for more but be warned, this app could ignite an X Factor competition from your own living room and as its Christmas, those who can't sing get a free pass so download at your own risk.

Download for iOS or similar for Android.

Christmas RADIO

Christmas RADIO is for those that want Christmas songs to play continuously throughout the day but don't want to encourage all their family members to sing along by giving them all the words.

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This app features Christmas hits from over 50 stations including Mistletoe, Christmas Carols Radio and North Pole Radio, the latter of which broadcasts directly from the North Pole to convince any Santa skeptics. The app is free but it will use your Wi-Fi or cellular network so bear that in mind if you plan on having it running for the whole day.

Download for iOS and Android.


Last in the music category of this round up is Spotify, which we would recommend downloading if you want the option to hear something other than Christmas songs.

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You can search for any track, artist or album and listen to it for free, as well as make and share playlists. There will be a few ads on the free version, but if you can handle those, you have hundreds of thousands of songs at your fingertips and this app will even give you personal recommendations and readymade playlists for pretty much every occasion.

Download for iOS and Android.

NORAD tracks Santa

For those patiently waiting for Santa, the NORAD Tracks Santa app will give you a countdown to Santa's flight in days, hours and minutes, as well as enable you to track his progress on December 24.

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You can play a game called Thin Ice to help Santa's elves deliver presents and there is tonnes of information about Santa himself, including the length, width and height of his sleigh in candy cane measurements, as well how much it weighs at take off in terms of gumdrops. 

Download for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Make it Santa

Make it Santa is a game that requires you to deliver as many presents as you can to turn the Grinch into a great Santa and bring back Christmas joy.

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A perfect game for post-dinner relaxing and one that all the family will be able to play. Tap the gifts and throw them in the chimneys to watch the Grinch transform. You could even have a family tournament to see who can bring Santa back the quickest.

Download for iOS and Android.