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(Pocket-lint) - Ofcom has launched an interactive map that tells you exactly how covered your area is for communication technologies.

The UK's independent communications regulator has used a combination of its own research into TV, radio, broadband, wi-fi and mobile coverage and statistics based on regional access to create a service that you need only enter your postcode into to see your local details.

Hosted at infrastructure.ofcom.org.uk, the map features data provided by the largest fixed broadband providers, local authorities, mobile operators, and digital radio and digital terrestrial television services.

Enter your postcode and you will get coverage details for 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services, for both in premises and on local roads. In addition, you can find out the minimum, maximum and average broadband download speeds, how much coverage there is in the area for superfast broadband and how many public Wi-Fi hotspots there are.

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You can also see how much coverage there is for Freeview digital TV channels and digital radio stations. And you can compare all stats with the national average.

The map itself can also show the amount of mobile coverage there is in the area by the major networks in pictoral form.

It's a truly in-depth interactive service and will come in handy if you plan to change mobile provider or are moving house. Naturally, London is very well covered we find, but less so on the outskirts.

It will worth bookmarking the map too, in case things change in future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.