Have you been a victim of or witnessed a crime and managed to grab footage on your smartphone or CCTV? Now you can send that evidence to the police without having your phone taken or even having to visit a police station.

The Self Evident app, run by charity Witness Confident, has been around for a year but an update now enables users to upload video or still photos of crimes being committed, which will be forwarded to the correct authorities.

Available for iPhone and Android smartphones, the app gives the user the power to report a crime instantly when out and about. The ability to submit digital evidence is a further step that will speed up the process and could prove invaluable should the case ever be taken to court.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has already pledged that the police force should be able to receive digital images and video recorded on smartphones to help in the fight against crime and Witness Confident has enabled that process ahead of further official statements on technology.

Of course, the Self Evident app shouldn't be abused and it is not designed to help people dob on others for their own profit or satisfaction. Unlike 2000ad's Judge Pal, there are no prizes on offer for informing on neighbours over minor infractions. Remember, Mega City's Justice Department doesn't take kindly to time wasters.

recorded a crime on your smartphone now you can send it to the police instantly through self evident app image 2

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