A new app is here to help you find the perfect tipple. Next Glass for iOS and Android uses your mobile's camera to scan beer or wine and give you a rating based on your tastes.

Initially the app will ask you to rate a few drinks on a four star scale. Even if you haven’t drank them all it's easy enough to guess, giving a poor rating for white wine if you don't drink that, for example. The more you use the app the better it becomes at rating your tastes. Simply point the scanner at the bottle and it will pop up with a score so you can assess if it's for you.

The app library is known as the Genome Cellar which assess the wine and beer's chemistry to compare to your taste preferences.

But the app goes beyond simple scanning and rating. It also allows you to see what your friends like, or share with them what you're into – ideal for taking a bottle round to dinner or picking a present.

We've used it briefly and found scanning was a bit hit and miss. Presumably over time, once you get used to lining it up, the app should work well.

Next Glass is free to download and use and is available now on Android and iOS.

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