Remember Carousel? That app from Dropbox that automatically backs up your photos and displays them in a carousel? Well, it's now available for web and tablets.

In April, when Carousel for iPhone and Android unveiled, Dropbox had described its new smartphone app as a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life, because it combined the photos in your Dropbox with the photos on your Android or iOS smartphone and automatically backed up new photos as you snapped them.

With the Carousel smartphone app, you can also view your photos by time, date, and event. You can even share photos with friends and receive shared photos and videos, as well as add shared media to your Carousel library. And now Carousel and all these features are accessible online and through your tablet.

To use Carousel on the web, go to and sign in with your Dropbox account. If you're an on-the-go-person but think your phone is too small, you can download Carousel for iPad. The iPad app is available now, while the Android tablet version is coming soon, according to Dropbox.

Dropbox also promised it would add more features to the web version "soon".

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