Pebble wants you to know that you don't need Apple Watch with Apple Pay in order to pay for goods while on the go. You can just use Pebble, with Paypal.

Pebble has announced that a PayPal app is now available from the Pebble app store. And to top it all off, PayPal is being included as a payment option for orders from Pebble's website. The idea is that you will use PayPal's Pebble app to pay for your meal at a supported restaurant, for instance, or even use PayPal when buying your next Pebble online.

you can now use paypal on pebble to pay for things while out and about image 2

"Paying on-the-go for what you love just got a little sweeter today, care of a new Pebble app from our friends at PayPal. From your watch, you’ll be able to check-in to pay at any retailer, restaurant, or business accepting PayPal, as well as receive payment notifications right to your wrist," announced Pebble in a blog post.

PayPal also published a blog to announce its new app, emphasising that it wants to make shopping easy and seamless. With the PayPal app, Pebble owners can check-in to pay or pay with payment code at retailers, restaurants, and other local businesses that accept PayPal. They can also receive payments without ever having to use their phone.

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Pebble isn't the first smartwatch to offer PayPal as a mobile payments solution. The service has been available for Android Wear devices as well as Samsung’s Gear 2, Gear S, and Gear Fit.

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