Pizza has entered the wearables market. Sort of.

Domino's Pizza has announced that it partnered with Pebble - a smartwatch that debuted on Kickstarter in 2012 - to add a Domino's Tracker app to Pebble's app store of more than 4,000 smartwatch apps.

The new app syncs with the Domino's mobile app for either iPhone or Android, and it pipes updates and notifications directly to your Pebble watch in real time. The idea is that you will use Pebble to track when your ordered pizza might arrive.

It's not surprising that Domino's Pizza would make this sort of app. After all, in 2008, the company introduced its famous Pizza Tracker, an online tool that allowed customers to view their order status via a real-time progress bar with different themes.

"The Domino’s Pizza Pebble app brings the company’s Domino’s Tracker system to your watch, letting you follow your pizza’s journey from order, to baking, and (the best part) delivery," explained Pebble in a blog post.

Domino's new Tracker app for Pebble is available through the Pebble app store, starting today.

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