iDrive has just made jaws drop by announcing a new and very affordable cloud storage plan for people with multiple mobile devices.

iDrive is a 9-year-old data backup service available to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users, and now it is giving competing services - such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive - a run for their money. While those services charge around $6.99 and up a month for 1TB of cloud-based storage, iDrive has announced it'll offer unlimited storage for just $4.99 a year.

"Many of you exclusively use mobile devices for your every day computing, from social networking to taking pictures on a vacation to running your business on the move. We created a plan exclusively for you with no storage limits that covers all of your mobile devices," explained the company in a blog post published on 4 November.

The new storage plan allots unlimited storage for up to five mobile devices - and again, it'll only cost you $4.99 a year (likely around £3 in UK). The company has also promised private key encryption on top of 256-bit AES encryption. iDrive even claimed it provides a "level of control" and security that's far above anything iCloud or Google Drive offers.

The idea is that those of you who have 128GB of storage on your phone, can now have access to low-cost storage instead of just limited local storage and pricey cloud storage. You and everyone in your household could conceivably buy iDrive's plan and then store all your critical data, pulled from multiple devices, in one secure area.

Other features include the ability to backup and restore your mobile data with a single tap (including selective restore, easy syncing of files between all linked devices, backup and restore integration with Facebook and Instagram, automatic upload via Wi-Fi or cellular, passcode-locking, and more.

This updated version iDrive is a free download, and it's now available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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