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(Pocket-lint) - If getting free movies by illegally downloading them as a torrent was still too much effort, it's got easier. A website, called Joker, has sprung up offering a free streaming service for torrents.

Users simply need to find the torrent link then copy and paste it into Joker.org to have it streamed within their browser. That means there is no downloading necessary, at all.

The next closest thing to this new site was Popcorn Time which also allows you to stream torrents. The difference was that Popcorn Time required you to download and install it on your machine. This new version is, technically, far less traceable as well as being a lot easier to use.

We tried Joker.org but on our attempt the servers appeared to be overloaded as we got an error message. Presumably all the coverage the site is getting right now has put extra strain on its servers. In the long run, if this works, it could be a dangerously easy way to watch media – one that may even pose a threat to Netflix.

Of course torrents are often under threat from the authorities so this site may not remain live forever.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.