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(Pocket-lint) - If you were wondering when you'd get your hands on the latest version of Microsoft Office, then rumours have pulled together a run of dates, across platforms. 

First to hit should be a fuller version of Office for Android, designed to empower tablet users, giving a wider range of productivity options than currently in place in the existing Office Mobile app, to rival the Office for iPad experience. 


Sources talking the ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley have suggest the date of November 2014, and historically, Foley has been accurate with Microsoft's plans.

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With the Nexus 9 offering a keyboard cover, the timing might just be spot on for Microsoft's mobile update.

The long-awaited Office for Mac update could be landing in early 2015, with some screenshots of what's reported to be Outlook for Mac 16 appearing on Chinese sites, and reported by MacRumors.

Office for Mac has had little parity for Windows versions and it feels like Apple computers are a generation behind. Office for Mac 16 will hopefully pull in Yosemite features, offer cloud support and draw things closer to Office for iPad.

Finally, the big release will be Office 16 for Windows, which is looking like the second half of 2015. With Windows 10 also in the works, it looks like there's a lot to come from Microsoft, whatever platform you're on.

Writing by Chris Hall.