Virgin America has a new, extremely long advert that tries to convince you to fly Virgin by simply boring you to death. Seriously.

According to Adweek, the advert is actually considered a pre-roll and will run before online videos play. Most viewers will likely skip it to watch whatever they intended to watch, but those who decided to give it a go will be faced with a six-hour-long film about the world's most monotonous flight. The advert also stars creepy mannequins as flight passengers.

This brilliant-yet-absurd campaign was dreamed up by San Francisco-based ad agency Eleven. It's described as Warholian and meant to mimic the real-time experience of traveling from Newark to San Francisco on an airline dubbed BLAH Airlines. BLAH is of course supposed to emulate everything Virgin is not: tiny seats, gross food, and barely-there entertainment.

"Witness the harsh reality of nearly six hours of flying at its worst, from takeoff to landing. Unfortunately, this is a familiar experience for far too many travelers," explained Virgin. "If you’ve been flying BLAH, it’s time to take a radical departure to Virgin America. Trade peanuts and annoying service for Wi-Fi, entertainment, power outlets, mood lighting, and food and drink".

Watch the video above to experience the dead journey for yourself. We don't recommend sitting through the full 5 hours and 45 minutes. Just skip around to see how Eleven made something so dull so...well, interesting.