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(Pocket-lint) - Two months after launching a public beta for a select number of users, the Mailbox team is now allowing anyone to join.

Mailbox, the maker of a popular email app that was acquired by Dropbox last year, demoed an early version of the same email client but for Mac in April and then began rolling out a public beta of the software in August. The public beta included a waitlist, meaning it wasn't very public after all. Now however the company has removed that waitlist, letting anyone download and try the email client for OS X.

Those of you who loves Scandinavian design will love the flat, mostly-white, and minimalist look of Mailbox for Mac. It's very clean and just all around gorgeous. The Mac version notably features the same type of gestures you know and love from the mobile app as well. It features the ability to "snooze" messages, for instance, and have them resurface at a later to date or when you need them.

All the changes you make in the Mac version will sync on the mobile version, and the same goes for the other way around of course. The only downside is that Mailbox has limited support for email services. It currently only works with Gmail and iCloud.

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If that doesn't bother you, visit Mailbox's website and download the desktop app pronto.

Writing by Elyse Betters.