There's a new app available that literally makes your text conversations more animated. It's called ComiXchat.

Described as a comics chat app, ComiXchat basically lets you text a friend or multiple friends in a group. But your messages appear alongside illustrations in a comic strip rather than as standard message bubbles. If you notice a slight delay between sent messages, it's only because virtual artists are hand-drawing each frame of your conversation and implementing "complex artistic decisions".

The app pulls contacts from your own contacts list, including Facebook contacts or the ones on your device, and it allows you to message anyone who has ComiXchat installed. And similar to Skype, you can enter friends' email addresses to search and find them in the ComiXchat database. You can also share comic strip frames via social networks, email, and other messaging apps.

Watch the promo video above to see ComiXchat in action for yourself. It seems pretty cool. The app is now available from the Windows Phone store, Apple App Store, and Google Play store. It is a free download.