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(Pocket-lint) - Drones are popping up everywhere. They're used for aerial photography, internet connectivity, delivery of goods, and now they double as flying lampshades.

Cirque du Soleil, an entertainment empire with different shows worldwide, on Monday released two videos of drones being used for magical production purposes. The first video, titled Sparked: A live interaction between humans and quadrocopters, is actually a mini show in that it tells the story of a lamp repairman working late at night until he is stopped by a blown fuse.

Unable to work with just a single kerosene lamp, the repairman looks defeated. And then something amazing happens: all the lampshades in his workshop begin glowing and, believe it or not, floating. A second video from Cirque du Solei, called Sparked: Behind the technology, reveals just how the Montreal-based company pulled off the illusion without any post-effects.

Cirque du Soleil used emerging technology. More specifically, it used drone quadcopters. Welby Altidor, an executive creative director for Cirque du Soleil, said he saw right away that there was a potential with drones to explore where else the show could go. The use of drones certainly added a fantastical element, as they each, while disguised as lamp shades, bring their own bit of style and colour and grace to the stage.

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Check out the videos above to experience it all for yourself.

Writing by Elyse Betters.