FiftyThree, the developer behind iPad sketching app Paper and the complementary stylus Pencil, has now added Mix to the, er, mix.

Mix is a collaboration cloud service similar to Adobe's Behance service, whereby Paper users can create projects together online through an open platform. They are able to share their designs, notes and drawings through Mix, while viewing and adding to the artwork of others.

As well as offering an open forum to those who sign up, in-depth sections have been formed to help users get a better understand of how to use their iPads to create. Mix hosts drawing turtorials, plus templates and outlines to give artists starting points to make their concept pictures faster to finish.

first we got fiftythree s paper and pencil now we get mix collaborative creation tool image 2

FiftyThree's CEO and co-founder Georg Petschnigg believes that, with Mix, the company now covers all bases. "Our first launch, Paper, now has more than 10 million downloads and lets users spend less time fussing with controls and more time being creative. Following Paper, we launched Pencil, the Bluetooth Smart stylus that unlocks Paper’s expressiveness. Mix completes the cycle," he said.

"It’s where creators who enjoy using Paper and Pencil come together and inspire one another. Any idea shared to Mix can be remixed seamlessly in Paper by other creators - it’s a visual conversation."

Mix is available as part of Paper and has been added in the latest update. It is also viewable by non-Paper users on the Web and it is possible to sign up through

FiftyThree also told Pocket-lint this week that while it might support the new Apple 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in the future, there are currently no plans to do so.

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