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(Pocket-lint) - Developer FiftyThree has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it won't be releasing its popular iPad-only drawing app Paper for the iPhone 6 Plus, even though the device has a big enough screen to benefit.

"Paper is not available for the iPhone 6 Plus and I don't think it will be for the immediate future," explained a spokeswomen for the company when we contacted them following the launch of the new bigger 5.5-inch screen smartphone.

The short-term problem for FiftyThree is likely to stem from the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus, which is out on 19 September, runs scaled up iPhone apps rather than scaled down iPad apps.

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Because Paper is only available on the iPad rather than the iPhone, developer FiftyThree would have to make drastic changes to the way the app worked for it to work on the new smartphone from Apple.

However it's not all bad news. The company does agree that it would look good on the new phone and hasn't ruled out bringing the app to the iPhone 6 Plus in the long-term future.

"We seriously considered it and it's definitely something we'll like to do in the future, but it's not on the immediate docket," the company added.

Writing by Stuart Miles.