(Pocket-lint) - Weight Watchers has announced that it is welcoming popular fitness trackers to its world, starting with Jawbone and Fitbit.

Weight Watchers says there will be a seamless integration of the data gathered by your activity tracker, that can then be added into the Weight Watchers app on both Android and iOS.

This is converted into WW points (PointsPlus) so that everything in the app is speaking the same language. That will mean you don't have to manually log your physical activity and should make the process of tracking your intake and expenditure smoother. 

The move makes sense. With Weight Watchers being one of the big organisations internationally that's focused on weightloss and promoting a healthier lifestyle, taking advantage of popular fitness devices at an app level makes more sense than launching competing products of its own.

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Support is initially for Jawbone and Fitbit, so your Up24 or your Flex for example, but Weight Watchers say this is a first step towards integrating with other open APIs.

That means there will be support for other devices in the future. With wearables enjoying a boom, fitness bands and trackers growing in popularity, and many smartphones offering activity tracking, there are plenty of places for Weight Watchers to turn.

"We know that some of our members are already using monitors like Fitbit and Jawbone, and they'll appreciate being able to see their activity seamlessly tracked within the Weight Watchers experience," said Catherine Ulrich, chief product officer for Weight Watchers . 

"We also look forward to welcoming a broader community of users to Weight Watchers where they can access the full suite of support, advice and tools to support their weight loss goals."

Writing by Chris Hall.