Microsoft has announced a new Lumia Selfie app for the impossibly vain that will allow you to enhance your eyes, slim your face and whiten your teeth.

The new app, which will sit separately to the Lumia Camera app on Windows Phone 8.1 will also allow you to apply a number of filters as well as soften images all via the phone. 

Slamming the famous Oscar selfie, Microsoft said that if Ellen and the actors at the Oscars had used a Lumia device, rather than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the picture would have been much, much, better.

lumia selfie app for the impossibly vain now available image 5

Claiming it as something that no other phone can do, users will be able to use with the front camera or rear camera of the phone for selfies, a strange claim to make.

The new app, rather than being apart of the new Lumia Denim update due later in the year, will be available as a separate app in the Windows Phone App Store from today for all Lumia users.