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(Pocket-lint) - SwiftKey Keyboard has been announced on iOS devices just after Apple's launch of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The SwiftKey Keyboard will work on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Although the SwiftKey Flow feature, that lets you slide from letter to letter, will be iPhone and iPod Touch only.

The keyboard itself intelligently learns the way you write and is able to adapt to correct as you go - this is its famous next-word prediction which has been adopted by many other keyboards since.

SwiftKey Keyboard will make suggestions based on your previous messages so as to allow for faster, more accurate input. You can even sync other accounts like email, Facebook and Twitter so it can learn from those also. It will know words you use so it can accurately and quickly autocorrect. This should mean annoying corrections of made-up words you use regularly won't be an issue with the SwiftKey Keyboard. It also means autocompleting a word after only typing a few letters should be easy.

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SwiftKey is cloud based so any change of phone should not mean starting to learn your style from scratch. It will also mean when using your account across devices SwiftKey will still know you and your style for seamless keyboard smarts.

SwiftKey also supports multiple languages meaning typing words from other countries will be easy with it recognising the separate languages.

The SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS has not been priced yet but an announcement with that figure can be expected soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.