Lifetile has launched at possibly the worst time for cloud storage solutions, considering the current hoo-ha about stolen naked pics of Jennifer Lawrence and other females celebrities. However, it offers something different to the iClouds and Dropboxes of this world, it kind-of combines cloud storage with social networking features to present something that feels fresh.

The tech start-up describes itself as something of a virtual shoebox in that it replaces the old idea of storing a shoebox full of memories under your bed. In days gone by, family members would often put photos and other items significant to their lives in a box to leaf through occasionally and possibly hand down through generations.

Lifetile performs a similar function, albeit digitally. It creates a timeline of your life in which you can store categorised files relating to significant events or themes. And unlike services such as Facebook and Google+, the files don't have to be just photos and videos. While they can be stored too, Lifetile also accepts uploads of Excel, Word and PDF documents.

For example, when creating a tile or event of a wedding, you could upload the photos, videos and even the XLS version of the seating plan.

The tile element is the overarching category, while individual events can be created inside each one. The events can also be assigned a date and location, so appear on a horizontally scrolling timeline of your life across the bottom of the page.

All files can then be shared with others via email should you choose, in a Dropbox invitation kind-of way.

Lifetile is a free service and sign-ups are available now at The service promises "simple and rock-solid" security for your files, but our advice, considering the 4chan scandal, is that if you never want your bits and bobs appearing across the internet, keep them locally backed-up instead. Use cloud services like Lifetile for the less embarrassing memories.