The original BioShock is coming to your iPhone. More specifically, you'll be able to download and start playing the game tonight.

According to Mashable, the popular first-person shooter video game, which 2K Boston developed and released for Xbox 360 in 2007, will return as an iOS game at exactly 11 PM EDT on 27 August. News first broke earlier this summer that BioShock would one day land in the App Store, and now it is finally set to launch in Apple's App Store.

The mobile port is apparently a lot like the Xbox 360 version, including its story narrative, but the graphics have optimised to fit Apple's 2GB file size limit. Gaming website Polygon even threw around phrases like "seamless replay" and "mesmerizing experience" while describing the gameplay during a recent hands-on, but it also noted that a Bluetooth controller was used.

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In Pocket-lint's review of BioShock Infinite, a spin-off title, we described BioShock as "one of our favourite games of the past 10 years". In fact, we called it one of the most interesting, inspiring, and playable titles we've ever sat down with. Bioshock was always the one game we loved to put in the Xbox 360 and spend a bit of time working through.

BioShock for iOS will support iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, fourth-generation iPad, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5. And that's it. Publisher 2K Games also announced the iOS title will cost $14.99. Although that might seem like an expensive price, it is $5 less than what the PC version costs through Steam.