Kickstarter is full of weird and wonderful projects, with many brilliant ideas finding their feet on the site and the latest to catch our eye is BUBL, which is not only bringing some sparkle to Kickstarter but could become the future of fizzy drinks with a little pledging assist from you.

Whether you like sparkling wine, sparkling water or maybe you really dislike flat beer or flat coke, BUBL could be your new best friend but it needs your support.

There are three products in the portfolio comprising BUBL + BOTL, PORTABUBL + BOTL and REBUBL + PORTABUBL, all of which have their own purpose but the same ultimate goal of making flat drinks fizzy. They are beautifully designed too and packed full of unique patents.

The BUBL is a tabletop carbonation dock that can be used with the BOTL to add a bit of fizz in any cold drink you like, or re-fizz one that has gone flat. All you have to do is fill the BOTL up with your drink of choice, put it on the BUBL dock, twist then push it and you have a sparkling drink. Much cheaper than buying champers for every dinner party plus it's healthier than buying supermarket fizz ofd the shelves. With a bit of creativity, you can make tasty, healthy sparkling drinks that kids and adults will both love.

PORTABUBL, as its name suggests, lets you add fizz into your drinks when you are out and about so you can have a glass of bubbly while you are camping for example.

Then you have REBUBL, which is a universal cap that has been designed to work with most existing plastic drink bottles and, together with PORTABUBL, it will keep the fizz in carbonated drinks after you have opened them.

bubl will stop you having a flat beer or coke ever again image 2

The best thing about BUBL is that it works on pressure alone so there are no batteries to replace, no electrical nonsense to mess about with. Plus the specially designed CO2 cartridges the BUBL and PORTABUBL use, are disposable and recyclable. You'll be able to get them online and in stores.

The BUBL Kickstarter campaign is live now and has a goal of £75,000. It needs a helping hand so if you never want the experience of flat coke again, get pledging.

If you pledge £1 or more, you will receive project updates and make it onto the Wall of Fame. If you pledge £75 or more, you will be one of the first owners of a PORTABUBL + BOTL. Stretch to £120 or more and you'll get a BUBL + BOTL for your dining room table and for those that are really keen on adding a bit of sparkle to their lives, the whole BUBL set could be yours for a £190 pledge.