(Pocket-lint) - After clearly noticing how much the internet loves cats, British Airways has added adorable pet videos to its roster of in-flight entertainment.

The airline recently announced that flight passengers will soon be able to watch a wide range of videos featuring both cats and dogs. The videos will show up under the Paws and Relax channel of British Airways' Slow TV options - which also includes films like a seven-hour train ride through Norway. We're not kidding.

Upon reviewing studies that claimed images of "cute animals" seemed to lower heart rate and stress levels, the airline surmised that a dedicated channel of dogs and cats could provide passengers with a relaxing viewing experience. Paws and Relax will therefore launch in early September and include a variety of pet programming.

Content marketing agency Spafax has hand-picked the content - ranging from online videos to films - such as the popular Simon's Cat series on YouTube, as well as the BBC documentary The Secret Life of Cats and the series America's Cutest Dog. Keep in mind airlines tend to use in-flight entertainment as a way to stand out.

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British Airways has also partnered with the shelter Battersea Dogs & Cats to advertise some animals in need of homes, such as a Siberian Husky called Sky, a French bulldog-pug mix called Alfie, a Staffordshire mix called Angelica, and three seven-week-old kittens called Karma, Karis, and Knight.

Watch the promo video below for more information.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.